A gift from us to you..

Our hot british nanny is going through a phase of sexual discovery and my husband and I get to enjoy her occasional texts asking if boys will like what they see.  She plays naive but we all know she loves walking around the house knowing we’ve seen her naked.

Katie and I had no idea when we started the night that we would end up face down, blindfolded, bound to each other with butt plugs in our oiled up asses!
The night just got out of control and our normally oversexed husband’s were in a particularly mischievous mood after dinner.
Katie just kept repeating, “holy fuck,holy fuck…” as my husband removed the plug and entered her ass.  Then I felt her man remove my plug and my heart raced with the anticipation of what was about to happen.
The feeling of Katie’s hip knocking against mine as we were both mercilessly ass fucked in tandem was mind blowing!

My best friend Sherry sent us a second photo of her hips fo my husband’s birthday.
This is the second birthday in a row she has done this and is totally out of character.
Just like the first photo, this one doesn’t show her face, just those hips, ass, long upper body, and her naturally long blond hair.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, my husband has always adored Sherry’s wide hips, but Sherry and her husband are completely monogamous and even a bit prudish - we would never have expected to see either of them naked.
Sherry seems to be enjoying teasing my husband and it’s only once a year we get this pleasure, but I can’t help wondering if it might be leading somewhere?
I know she’s not fulfilled sexually in her own marriage„ so maybe this is her way of releasing a little pressure?
Maybe a few drinks on a summer night, an offer to show my hubby her naked hips in-person, and next thing you know she’s backed that bare ass up onto my husbands lap.
I would love to see Sherry’s face as she felt the fulness of my guy’s cock inside her and he worked her into another state of mind like he’s so good at doing.  
Here’s hoping!

Come for the tits, stay for the fap.
she’s helping

Her pussy could not stretch anymore around that!

I leaned over and gave Lea a kiss as my husbands hard cock slid up her ass.
Just then I felt pressure on my asshole from the finger of Lea’s husband before it slid inside me.
Turnabout is fair play!

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